View Full Version : Looking for FEA models of femur bones

Brian Greer University Of Nevada-reno
11-06-1997, 02:10 PM
Dear BIOMECH-L members,

I am working on an MS thesis in Mech. Engr. currently working on
stress fractures on femur bones.

I 'm looking for proximal femur bone models ready to import into
Cosmos/m.(FEA program) The femur bones can be in all age groups , but the
models need to have the cortical bone defined. A perfect model would be a
proximal femur that could mesh the cortical layer and then be hollow to
create a mesh of the trabecular region.
Can anyone suggest any resources where I can find such a model? I'm
primarily looking for an institution that has tomography equipment to produce
such models. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

- Brian Greer
University of Nevada-Reno

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