View Full Version : LISTSERV and BIOMCH-L

Herman J. Woltring
04-24-1989, 08:44 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L's,

Our list seems to attract a lot of attention lately by parties who try in vain
to subscribe. Unfortunately, the ergonomics of administration via LISTSERV@
HEARN and of using the list via BIOMCH-L@HEARN seems to evade many of those

To aggravate things, some subscribers have tried to help by sending a reply
by means of the REPLY or ANSWER command on their MAIL utility which, under
some (or all?) systems results in the reply being posted onto BIOMCH-L and
all its currently 78 subscribers from Canada to Singapore.

This is quite unnecessary, and using the SEND or MAIL command to reply the
original sender should be preferred. The little more effort required for
typing the destination address will spare the list's readership unnecessary

Anyone who has something of interest to report? Calls for Help, Car Pooling
(or boats and airplanes) to ISB-XII in Los Angelos by the end of June, Calls
for Sabbaticals, etc. ???

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring.