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Edward Draper
11-07-1997, 09:50 PM
Hello All

I got several replies to my question on simple, portable forceplates.
Here are the summaries.

Many, many thanks for your help and your speedy replies.

Jeffrey E Lewin

Suggested Novel. Their web site at http://novel.de.
The UK e-mail is novelUK@novel.de. He pointed out that they sell
insoles and mats made from capacitive pressure sensors, and remarked
that they are ‘the best available’.

Dr Rami Abboud
Lecturer in Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery
Consultant Clinical BioEngineer

Also suggested Novel and pointed out that they have a branch in
London. The contact is Miss Caroline Jordan on 0468 590175
Musgrave on 01978 664482 (Mr Theo Van der Meer)

I was also contacted by Caroline Jordan herself.
Novel UK
Medical Engineering & Physics
King's College Hospital
East Dulwich Grove
SE22 8PT

Tel & Fax: 0181 693 2345
Email: novel.kings@dial.pipex.com
Web Site: www.novel.de


Amy Courtney
Department of Biomedical Engineering
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Suggested Bertec. She said that their forceplates cannot be rolled up
into a briefcase, but that she has successfully moved one back and
forth between two laboratories on a regular basis with no problems.

Tasos Karakostas
The Ohio State University Hospitals

Also suggested Dr. Berme at The Ohio State University and Bertec,
which is his company.
Phone numbers: (614)292-0859 @OSU
(614)421-2803 @Bertec
e-mail: berme.1@osu.edu


Mohammed Razian

Suggested KISTLER INS. of UK who he claims has a variety of
forceplates for gait analysis.

Tel: 01420 544477. Contact Mr. March


"Chris Kirtley (Kwok Kei Chi)"
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Reported on work that he is doing with Matthew Pepper in Kent in
developing some in-shoe sensors that will measure shear.

He also pointed out that both Kistler and AMTI make portable plates
and that the natural frequency is lower than conventional plates.


David Hynd
Gait Laboratory, Roehampton Rehab. Centre,
Queen Mary's University Hospital, London

Suggested Tekscan's F-Mat System, which he commented were ‘not
particularly accurate and drift is a problem for sustained loading,
but they are very portable’.

He gave the contact:
Tekscan, Inc.
307 West First Street,
South Boston,
Ma. USA 02127-1342

Tel: 617-464-4500
Fax: 617-464-4266

He also pointed out that they do not have a European distributor.
He mentioned Novel GmbH and visiting their Biomechanics World Wide
web site (dragon.acadiau.ca/~pbaudin/biomch.html).


Phil Moore
Department of Exercise & Sport Science
Manchester Metropolitan University

Reported that he had developed a simple portable mat for standing
vertical jump testing which works by timing the jump to 1ms using a
contact mat. A small program calculates COG displacement from first
principles though forces are not measured directly.

Doug Haas
CIR Systems Inc.

Informed me of a device called GAITRite which identifies left and
right footfalls across an electronic walkway. It is a portable
mat that collect temporal and spatial information on Gait. He
pointed out that it is not a force plate but does collect some simple
relative pressure.

More information is available at www.gaitrite.com


Frank B. Gray, MD OTRGRAY@aol.com
Knoxville, Tennessee

Drew my attention to F-Scan and E-Med systems, but pointed out their
price range was $12k to $30K. He described them as having many
sophisticated features.
He reported that he has been studying partial weight bearing after
total hip and knee replacement.


Brad Waugh
Physics Dept. of the Royal Military College of Canada

Announced that he has been setting up a "homemade" forceplate system
using PVDF piezoelectric film hooked up to a storage oscilloscope.
He reports that it seems to work well and is cheap.


"Dr. Malcolm Ellis"

Asked me to consider the range of products his company produces and
gave me the address of his web site.
www: http://www.mie-uk.com/index.htm

I also got requests for this summary from:

"Robert Colclough"
Senior lecturer in podiatric medicine
New College, Durham

Helen Beaton
Paediatric Physiotherapist

Shawn Sorenson
Rice University

Annie Rouard
laboratoire de la performance

Derek Helenberger
Becker Orthopedic
Troy, MI (USA)

Euro Ing Edward Draper PhD BSc CEng MIMechE MIPEM
Clinical Engineer, Financial Adviser
Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
Division of Surgery, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care
Charing Cross Hospital

It is our duty to care.

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