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Edward X Guo
11-11-1997, 06:43 AM
Graduate Research Assistantship Available in Bone Tissue Bioengineering,
Bone Bioengineering Laboratory, The Center for Biomedical Engineering,
Columbia University

Graduate Research Assistantship in Bone Tissue Bioengineering

The Bone Bioengineering Laboratory at the Center for Biomedical
Engineering at Columbia is seeking an applicant for graduate research
assistant position in the area of bone tissue bioengineering. This
individual will pursue a Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering/mechanical
engineering and perform graduate research in cellular adaptation of bone
by mechanical stimulation. The newly created Bone Bioengineering
Laboratory (under the direction of Dr. X. Edward Guo) in the Center for
Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University is funded partially by a
Special Opportunity Award and a Research Grant from the Whitaker
Foundation and provides an exciting opportunity for a graduate student
working closely with the engineering faculty at the School of Engineering
and Applied Sciences and the clinical faculty at the College of Physician
and Surgeons. The successful applicant will be involved in exciting in
vivo animal experimentation, cellular/molecular biology and large scale
finite element computation. The candidate should have B.S. in mechanical
or biomedical engineering. A M.S. in mechanical or biomedical engineering
will be preferred but not required. The student should have a good
undergraduate GPA and GRE score. Previous research experience in
biomedical engineering will be a plus. This position is available
for Spring/Fall admission of 1998. The graduate research assistantship
includes a tuition and a stipend for three-four years. Applicants should
send recent curriculum vitae (plus GRE score) and three letters of
recommendation to:

X. Edward Guo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Biomedical Engineering
238 S.W. Mudd MC4703
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212-854-6196 FAX: 212-854-3304
E-mail: exg1@columbia.edu

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