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Valerianova Dita
11-14-1997, 01:47 AM
Please help,

is there anybody who is able to send me the total knee replacement
image (illustrated - implanted to a body) during this weekend ?
I need it for the poster. It could be a commercial material
and we will use it for education. This image must be printable, high
quality about 15x15 cm (6x6 inch). File formats - .jpg, .gif, or other
bmp formats.

Thanks for help.
Dita Valerianova
Centre for Biomedical Engineering
CTU in Prague, Czech Republic

email: dita@fsk211d.fsid.cvut.cz
I Dita Valerianova
ILaborator biomechaniky cloveka
Itel.: 02-24352519
Ifax: 02 -329386
Ima Iil: dita@fsk211d.fsid.cvut.cz
H I dita@biomed.fsid.cvut.cz

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