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Peng Wen
11-18-1997, 11:05 AM
Dear Colleagues,

My name is Peter Wen and I am a PhD candidate at Flinders University of South
Australia. I am attempting to carry out the computation of potential
distribution on scalp, or the forward problem of electroencephalograph (EEG),
using finite element method (FEM) and/or boundary element method (BEM). My
problem is that I don't have a proper package, although there are a lot of
packages on FEM and/or BEM. I have tried a package called LUSAS and developed
my own programs. But both of them can't work efficiently and a lot of
limitations. I am attempting to find some packages which can cope with my
problems. Any suggestions are appreciated.

To benefit other colleagues, a summary will be posted on BIOMCH-L.

Thanks in advance

P. Wen
School of Engineering
Flinders University of S. A.
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001
South Australia, Australia

ph: 61-8-82015158, fax: 61-8-82013618
email: egpw@eng.flinders.edu.au

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