View Full Version : knee movement measurement

Shannon Dill
11-20-1997, 09:57 AM

For my thesis, I am needing to measure the movement of the knee joint.
I have done some searching and have come up with the following ways to
do this. These are:
1) Magnetic tracking device - the problem with this is the small range,
metal interference and the accuracy.
2) Instumented Spatial Linkage Device (ISLD) - the problem here is that
our device is bulky, cumbersome and weighs too much.
3) Biplanar Flouroscopy and X-ray - this has some obvious limitations.
4) Optoelectric motion analysis systems - the limitation here is that
the accuracy is not good enough to measure the small translations of the

I was wondering if there are any other means of measuring the relative
position of the shank to the thight that I may be missing.

Many thanks for any help.


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