View Full Version : Experience in 3D imaging from CT scans

Julie Matthews
11-20-1997, 11:17 PM
Dear Biomecher's,

For the purpose of improving our patient care, we investigating methods of
making 3D models of long bones from our patients CT scans.

I have looked at the SurfDriver software, but find the method of
highlighting the areas of interest, to be slow and error prone
Hence I was wondering if anyone could suggest or recommend:

1)A program that can 'atomatically' process CT scans.

2) An alternative to the surfdriver.

Thanks in advance for you time

Julie Mattews
Julie Matthews. M.Sc Bioengineer
The Institute for Applied Biotechnology
Medicinaregatan 8B
413 46 Göteborg, Sweden
Phone 46 (0)31-416337 or 411241
Fax 46 (0)31-414560
email Bioteknologen@swipnet.se

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