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J.e. Bursnall
11-21-1997, 12:25 AM
Dear all,
I have recently been informed via this superb
discussion group of an article of great interest to me, however, I
am having great difficulty in obtaining a copy of it. The article

Levy.M. & Smith.G.A. (1995) Validation Of MacReflex Motion Analysis
For Three Dimensional Coordination Prediction. Abstracts of the XVth
Congress of the ISB.

If any body has a copy of this article, or know of another
publication that contains it, I would be forever indebted to you if
you could either let me know via this service, or post me a copy of
the article, (which I would reimburse you for) to the below address.

Jonathan Bursnall
Department Of Sports Science & Physical Education
University Of Leeds
West Yorkshire

Many Thanks In Advance.

Jonathan Bursnall

To everybody that has replied to my previous e-mail, may I say
thank you again, and to those who requested further information
regarding my project, I shall let you know more, when it gets under
way, as I am at present in the initial stages.

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