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Julie Bernhardt
11-23-1997, 12:18 PM
I am a PhD student who has been examining the accuracy of observervations
of abnormal human movement. Over a series of psychophysical experiments, I
have found that observers' judgments of the speed and "jerkiness" of stroke
patient's upper limb movements are highly accurate when compared to
instrumented kinematic values.

However, judgments of path indirectness - the ratio of actual path /
shortest path, are less accurate for experienced and less experienced
therapists, and very poor for novice observers of abnormal human movement
(who were just as accurate as experts in speed and jerkiness judgments).

The simple question this finding raises is "Why is path indirectness different?"

I am interested in discussing this issue with anyone with a similar
interest in visual perception of movement.

Julie Bernhardt

Physiotherapy Department
La Trobe University
Melbourne, Australia

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