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11-24-1997, 01:31 AM
Dear all,

thanks to all the people who responded to and/or showed interest in my
question. You really sent me valuable information.

Here is the original request :
I'm working on three-dimensional finite element models of the upper and
lower jaw. Does anybody know of literature data on the mechanical
properties of cortical and trabecular bone in these anatomical structures
or has anybody performed some experiments to determine these properties?
Especially data on trabecular bone is lacking (which is probably due to the
problem of getting trabecular bone specimens of sufficient size from the
And then a second question related to the same field : I'm looking for
reference data for the musculatory system of the lower jaw : direction of
the applied muscle forces relative to the jaw, force magnitude, muscle
stiffness, point of attachment of the muscles. Can I find some kind of
'standard' geometrical model in literature for the jaw muscles? Has
anybody done EMG-measurements for different chewing or biting conditions
I would appreciate any information on these topics. Thanks in advance.

These are the answers I received :

* Tim Weingaertner (weinga@ira.uka.de) wrote :

Hi Hans.

I am doing FE-Analysis of the lower jaw for a simulation for
craniofacial surgery. Here is some literature:
- F.Arendts, C.Sigolotto (German)
Standardabmessungen, Elastizitaetswerte und Festigkeitsverhalten
des Human-Unterkiefers
Biomedizinische Technik Band 34 Heft 10 S. 248-255 1989
- R. Hart et al.
Modeling the biomechanics of the mandible
J.o. Biomechanics Vol 25 No. 3 pp. 261-286 1992
- T. Korioth, A. Hannam
Deformation of the human mandible during simulated tooth clenching
J.o. Dental Research Vol 73 Iss 1 pp. 56-66 1994
- E. Tanaka et al.
A three-dimensional finite element model of the mandible...
MEdical Engineering Physician Vol 16 pp 316-322 1994
- E. Moeller
The chewing apparatus
Dept. of Orthodontics, Royal College, Copenhagen, Denmark
1996 (Book on EMG measurements)

I would appreciate if you can forward me literature from other

Best wishes,

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* J.H. Koolstra (J.H.KOOLSTRA@AMC.UVA.NL) wrote :

Dear Hans,

Information about composition, orientation and EMG of the human masticatory
muscles can be found in various papers published by our department.
You can brouwse through the Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Dental
Research and the Anatomical Record and find articles written by TMGJ
van Eijden (muscle architecture) JH Koolstra (biomechanical modeling) and
NG Blanksma (masticatory muscle EMG). If you have trouble finding these
papers please contact me so I can try to send you reprints.
About material properties in the jaws is very little known to my knowledge.
I know the group of Dechow have worked on these but I have seen no
publications exept posterpresentations on the IADR in Orlando this spring.
For finite element modeling of the jaws you could also try to contact
Tom Korioth in Minneapolis (I think). He has written a few papers about
that subject.
I could have written this reply in Dutch, but I was not sure about your
language (although nour name sounds Flemmish).

J.H. Koolstra
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* Alexander Dagum (a.dagum@utoronto.ca) wrote :

Many papers have been written on this subject. A medline search using
mandible and biomechanics should give you a good start. You can find a good
introductory paper in Clinics of Plastic Surgery Jan, 1992 pg 11-29 by
and Mullen entitled Biomechanics of the Facial Skeleton. There are several
references there that can get you started.


Thank you very much for these replies. All further information is of
course welcome.

By the way, is there anyone who knows of the existence of dentistry related
mailing lists and if so, the procedures to subscribe to these lists?
Thanks again for your help.


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