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Special Projects
11-24-1997, 07:43 AM
Hello Everyone,

Currently, we have catheters made from AESNO nylon 12 which contain some
kinks. These kinks are not large but we need to straighten these catheters
before we ship them to our clients. We have tried to heat them using a
forced air heat gun and some glass tubing but to no avail. Has anyone had
any success trying to straighten solid nylon. I can tell you that the
nylon has been cross-linked but I don't know too much else about its
mechanical/chemical properties. Unfortunately, if you use too much heat,
the catheter melts and it looks like it needs to be held under some
constant tension. (I don't know how much.) I can tell you that the
diameters of the catheters are approx. 0.050 inches.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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