View Full Version : Nomographs and their Mathematical Functions.

Tom Poodle
11-25-1997, 07:58 AM
I'm trying to write a Program for doing the calculations from Data taken
from a Submaximal Cycle ergomoter test to determine VO2 max.

Ive got a Nomograph for determining the Actual V)2, but its a set of three
lines, 2 are linear, one is not (May not even be a simple logarithm) lines
are drawn across the central line from the two linear scales to determine
the result.

Does anyone know of/have, or know where I can get the Function/equation to
show the correlation between VO2 max, Wattage and HR?

I can send a copy of the Nomograph if need be.

Many thanks

Andrew Poodle (Sports science student)

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