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Alfred Zommers
11-26-1997, 10:53 AM
The November-December issue of Sportscience News and other new items
have just been uploaded to the Sportscience website. Visit us at
http://www.sportsci.org for all this new material:

*What top cyclists drink in competition.

*How to analyze multiple crossovers.

*Supplemental resistance training programs.

*Body fat discrepancies between swimmers and other athletes.

*New software for analyzing sports actions.

*Profile of another sport-science history maker.

Plus all the existing material on these and our other pages:
TRAINING & TECHNOLOGY for peer-reviewed reviewed articles on enhancing
training and performance; RESEARCH RESOURCES for crunching numbers,
writing articles, giving talks, presenting posters, and Web publishing;
FORUM for messages on the sportscience list; NET SEARCH for keyword
searches of websites, mailing lists, journals; and NET LINKS for an
index of websites and mailing lists.

We need more high-profile researchers, productive younger researchers,
and computer-wise graduates to help with the development of the
Sportscience site. Please contact editor@sportsci.org.

Viewing Sportscience is done best with Netscape. Microsoft hasn't
fixed the bugs in Internet Explorer that produce extraneous material,
graphics that aren't as clear as they should be, and bad line spacing.

Mary Ann Wallace
for the Sportscience website team

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