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unknown user
11-26-1997, 10:55 AM
Hi! I'd like help from the biomechanics community on two separate questions
regarding bones. Thanks for your help in advance, and I'll post a summary of

1) Does anyone of published mechanical properties for rabbit cancellous bone,
or has anyone measured these properties? I'm particularly interested in
compressive modulus and strength of the femoral condyle, although I'd settle for
anything close.

2) Is anyone aware of an open-cell foam structural model for osteoporotic bone?
I'm looking for analogs (animal-derived or synthetic) for experiments on the
flow of various materials through the bone, so I'm interested in architecture
rather than mechanical/material properties. As I understand it, Sawbones is
close-celled so that won't help me.

Melissa Brown
Biomedical Engineer
Orthopaedic Product Development
Collagen Corporation, 2500 Faber Pl., Palo Alto, CA 94303
ph (650) 354-4923, fax (650) 856-0533

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