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Joerg Smolenski
11-26-1997, 04:16 PM
Dear Biomch-L's

A certain time ago I posted a question regarding custom made hip
prosthesis. At first I'd like to thank erverybody who replied to the
question. The summary of the messages follows after the original posting.
Best wishes

--------Original Posting---------------------------------------

I'm a graduate enginering student at the university of technology at
Aachen. For a project work I have to write a paper on the state-of-the-art
of the use and the constuction of personalized hip-prosthesis. It means
hip-prothesis which are adapted to the interior shape of the patient's femur
bone. I'd appreciate any Information and hints to literature you are able to
Many thanks
Jörg Smolenski

--------Original Posting---------------------------------------

The following companies have programs for "custom" or "patient-specific" hip

Biomet, Inc., Warsaw, IN, PMI - Patient-Matched Implants
Hayes Medical, Inc., Sacramento, CA - Patient-specific Implants
DePuy, Inc., Warsaw, IN, Thackray system
Stryker (Osteonics), Allendale, NJ - Custom Hips
Zimmer, Inc, Warsaw, IN - "Walker System" (after Peter Walker, PhD)
Sulzer Orthopedics, Austin, TX - Custom hips

This should get you started. Most of these companies also have web pages
that you can search to get addresses, phone numbers, etc. for information.
There are, of course, other companies that do customs as well. Good luck.

Robert Enzerink
MED Group
Davis, CA 95616

Dear Joerg,

there are 3-4 groups in the world that manufatcure custo hip stems. The one
I know better is that of Peter S. Walker, in Stanmore (London).

The problem, as usual, is that who deisgned a new prosthesis will find
evidence of its advantages; other people will find the opposite.

So, to see the pro's of custom stems, youi can definitely check the
publications of Walker and Hua.
Others (I can't recall the author right now, but you can probably track
them through Medline) have done some excellent work proving that there is
no need for custom stems as few standard formats can fit most of the

Probably the truth lies between the two lines.
You can also check: Clarke H.J., Jinnah R.H., Cox Q.G.N., Curtis M.J.
(1992) J. Arthroplasty 7: 235-239
Finally, you can check the work of Galante, of Huiskes, of Jasty on the
effect of fit on load transfer.

Best wishes,

The main makers of intraoperative custom hips that I know of are a
Belgium company called Stewal, who have a system for milling hips to
match a silicone rubber cast of the inside of the femur that the
surgeon makes during the operation. The surgeon they have mostly
worked with is Michel Mulier; if you search for his name in Medline
or similar you should find plenty of papers about their technique.

Good luck,

Sam Evans.
Dear Joerg,

Please refer to the Biomechanics laboratory at the Faculty of Applied
Sciences (Kath. University Leuven), directed by prof. Georges Van der
Perre (see e-mail address in message header), who have a long
experience in the area you mention.

Kind regards

Arthur Spaepen

Dear Mr. Smolenski

In our laboratory we have been working now for almost fifteen years on
custom-made prostheses. In a first project we have developed the
technology behind the Identifit prosthesis, a hip stem which is
manufactured during the operation. Its shape is based upon a mould taken
of the cavity during surgery. Manufacturing time is currently below 30
minutes. The technology is now applied on a commercial basis with more than
3000 cases performed worldwide.
In a second project which is running now (supported by the Brite Euram
programme) we are developing custom implants based upon medical images and
using rapid prototyping technology.
Yours sincerely

Jos Vander Sloten

Division of Biomechanics and Engineering Design
Celestijnenlaan 200A
B-3001 Heverlee (Belgium)
tel. +32 16 327099
fax. +32 16 327994
Email jos.vandersloten@mech.kuleuven.ac.be

Dear Joerg,

You should try searching for articles by Eivind Andersen,
Paal Benum et.al. They are doing customized femural implants
based on 3-D scan images, just like you describe.

They are based at the University hospital in Trondheim, Norway, and are
associated with the company Scandinavian Customized Prostheses.

It would't surprise me if Eivind is a BIOMECH-L subscriber himself.

Good luck!

Oyvind Stavdahl (Siv.ing., Dr.ing. student)
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
NTNU, The Norwegian University of
Science and Technology Direct line: +47 73 59 43 77
O. Bragstads plass 8 Switchboard: +47 73 59 43 76
N-7034 TRONDHEIM Fax: +47 73 59 43 99
NORWAY Email: Oyvind.Stavdahl@itk.ntnu.no


Guten Tag! Ich bin ein Student an der Uni in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ich
arbeite jetzt auf ein Projekt, das sich um Hueftprothesen handelt. Ich
empfehle irgendein Produktkatalog von SUlzer Orthopaedie. Sie koennen
Sulzer auch auf dem Internet finden. Sonst gibt's viele Artikeln in
Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research ueber dieses Thema.

If you have access to the World Wide Web, I suggest looking
into the activities of the U.S. company Johnson & Johnson
Professional in Raynham, Massachusetts.


Amy Courtney

Jörg Smolenski E-Mail :
Viktoriastr. 36 Institut : Smolenski@ilt.fhg.de
52066 Aachen Home : Joerg.Smolenski@post.rwth-aachen.de

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