View Full Version : A new lab of Biomechanics and physiology

Miguel Izquierdo (cimd Gobierno De Navarra)
11-26-1997, 06:06 PM
Dear Biomch-līs:

We would really apreciate if Someone can suggest us any
technical recomendation for a new biomechanics and physiology lab.
Something like the type of light, characteristics of the structure
for the EMG and Force signal,characteristics of the basement
for the noise, distribution of the space.

Many thanks

Dr. Mikel Izquierdo
Gobierno de Navarra
Centro de Investigacion y Medicina del Deporte
C/Paulino Caballero, 13
31002 Pamplona Navarra
Email: mizquierdo@jet.es
Telephone: (34) 48-427862
Fax: (34) 48-427862

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