View Full Version : Looking for LabVIEW add-on to control an old INSTRON

Sverdlik Ariel
11-27-1997, 02:36 AM

I am trying to control the operation of an Instron machine, in tensile
tests, with a LabVIEW software which is running on an IBM-PC compatible.
My problem is that the Instron machine I have is model 1342 which is quite
an old one (15 years). I was told by our Instron service personal that
there are no LabVIEW add-ons to control this Instron model (there are
LabVIEW add-ons to control the new Instron models).
I know that I can write the LabVIEW control blocks for the GPIB connector,
but I dont have the time for it.

My questions are:
1) Can anyone direct me as to where can I get a LabVIEW control add-on
for my kind of Instron machine ?
2) Dose anyone have such a LabVIEW add-no (purchased or self made) ?

I'll be grateful to hear of any comments in this subject.
Thanks in advance.


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