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Amy Lerner
12-02-1997, 01:09 AM
Graduate Student Assistantships, Univ. of Rochester Biomedical Engineering

The University of Rochester is accepting applications to fill six
positions in the Biomedical Engineering doctoral program. Areas of
research include: Molecular Cell and Tissue Engineering (e.g., cellular
mechanics, orthopaedic and cardiovascular biomechanics, bone marrow cell
culture systems, and oxygen transport), Biomedical Imaging (e.g., biomedical
ultrasound, image processing, dynamic MRI), and Medical Optics
(e.g., physiological optics, optical manufacturing). Core faculty of the
Biomedical Engineering Program hold appointments in the departments of
Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical Engineering, the Institute of Optics,
as well as many departments within the School of Medicine and Dentistry.
The University of Rochester Medical Center is only a 5 minute walk from the
main campus, and houses many of the research laboratories for the program.
Applications for these positions will be accepted until February
1st for a September 1998 starting date. These positions include full
tuition scholarships plus a competitive stipend. Please send inquiries to
Mary Wallman at wallman@seas.rochester.edu, and check out our web pages at

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