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Tim Woodfield
12-02-1997, 07:07 AM
Greetings Biomch-L members,

I am an MASc student at UofT (Centre for Biomaterials/Mech Eng) and am
interested in investigating the stresses in the temporomandibular joint
(TMJ), particularly at the condyle, in order to determine the mechanical
properties required for a proposed biodegradable condylar implant.

A brief literature review yielded studies describing
biomechanical/mathematical models predicting forces in the TMJ, and more
recently, finite element models of the human mandible. There were varying
methods of constraint and load application, and only a few investigated the
stress at the quite complex condyle/meniscus/fossa interface (Tanne, Tanaka
and Sakuda; Chen and Xu; Korioth, Romilly and Hannam).

1. I would appreciate hearing about any further sources of information in
this area.

It seems likely that to obtain the specific information I require for the
implant, I will need to develop an FE model to simulate the varying load
conditions experienced at the TMJ, so :

2. I would also like to hear any opinions on how to obtain a complete
picture of stress at the condyle. Are max forces exerted on the TMJ only
during clench? If so, there may be enough information available and no need
for further FE modeling, or, are forces affected by incisal opening?

The rest of my questions were answered in Hans Van Oosterwyck's recent
summary. Thanks in advance for all your help - I will post a summary of replies.

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