View Full Version : Racing flats ? track spikes ? benefits in running

David Brookfield
12-03-1997, 01:16 AM
A discussion with a running friend of mine has led me to look for some
research into the influence of racing flats and and running spikes into
performance! He maintains that no way would a runner recieve the same
traction from a
modern set of racing flats as from racing spikes at the pace associated
with 800m and 1500m
track events?

Therefore, I wonder is there a demonstrable physiological benefit from
wearing spikes.
Measurable differences in O2 uptake or with regard to the duration
of the event, O2 deficit. Moreover in relation to the number of events
in the
Olympic and World championships programme, could a strong case be placed
on the wearing of racing flats with regard to trauma (tissue damage)and
muscle fatigue
as a result of wearing spikes and a limited shock absorption and lower
platform in relation to racing flats.

What is the general consensus of opinion?

I have a very limited knowledge of the properties of racing flats and
running track spikes,
however I feel that within todays racing and training schedules a
benefit may be gained from
reducing the amount of training and racing in spikes, because of the
importance of recovery
in athletic events.

If anyone has any thoughts or experience issue I would be most grateful
for some input or
guidance on this subject

Yours sinceley

David Brookfield
Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology