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Mike Whittle
04-02-1992, 11:41 PM
> I have received the following query, and wonder if any
> subscribers have the desired data. Ms. Virginia Goss,
> a graduate student in engineering at Princeton seeks the
> following:
> Ms. Goss is trying to find out the maximum torque
> the human knee can generate as a function of the
> angle of flexion. She hopes to compare the torque
> generated by a robotic knee joint designed by her
> at Princeton to the human data. Please include the
> source from which this information comes, so that
> she can cite it properly.
> If responses to this query are posted on Biomech-L, I will
> forward them to Ms. Goss. She is not a Biomech-L subscriber
> at this time. Or responses can be e-mailed directly to her
> at vwgoss@phoenix.princeton.edu
> Thank you in advance from Ms. Goss :)
> Marc Besser

Dear Biomch-L subscribers:

In partial reply to Marc's query, I suggest Ms. Goss looks at:

Whittle MW, Sargeant AJ, Johns L
Computerised analysis of knee moments during weightlifting
Biomechanics XI-B (eds. G. de Groot, A.P. Hollander, P.A. Huijing,
G.J. van Ingen Schenau) Free University Press, Amsterdam,
pp. 885-8, 1988.

This gives the knee angles and moments in a single subject during
a particularly stressful activity - a "clean-and-jerk" weighlifting
lift of 165kg!

Mike Whittle
Cline Chair of Rehabilitation Technology
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga