View Full Version : LISTSERV maintenance info

Ton Van Den Bogert
12-04-1997, 04:56 AM
Dear subscribers,

Our LISTSERV site underwent some major changes last weekend, as
it was moved from IBM/VM mainframe to a Windows/NT system.
Please note the following points:

1. The BIOMCH-L archives can be accessed directly at the LISTSERV
site, as mentioned by Mike Young in his posting on Monday, but
**only** by subscribers in the .NL (Netherlands) domain! For all
others, the ISB web site is therefore still best way to access
the archives:


2. We have lost access to the BIOMCH-L archives and software
through gopher and FTP. I will make sure those files are all
transferred to the ISB web site, and the archives at that site
will be updated daily.

3. The old mail-based file transfer should still work. So you
can still send commands to LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl such as:


etc. But I plan to move all those files to the ISB web site to
make access easier.

Thank you,

-- Ton van den Bogert