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Geoffrey Walsh
12-04-1997, 05:17 AM
I was a medical student in wartime Oxford. The South of England was at
that time like a military camp. Not only were nearly all our younger men
under arms but there was also a huge American military presence in the
build up to D day.
Messages between different units were not in general sent by
telephone or radio for security reasons but were sent by dispatch riders
on motor bikes. Many of them fell off and suffered head injuries. This
lead later to the introduction of crash helmets. Before this we we losing
more men in these accidents than through enemy action.
Oxford was a main centre for the treatment of these injuries.
There was a very good physicist who looked at the biomechanical effects of
rapid head torsion. I knew him and saw the work at first hand. It was
published and is, I would say a classic, which has stood the test of time.
You might find it interesting to look at it. -

Holbourn A. H. S. (1943) " Mechanics of head injuries", Lancet 2, 438-441.

Geoffrey Walsh

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, alan wrote:

> A medline search using "finite element analysis" as the search term will
> result in a number of papers that deal with the modelling of hed impact
> :>i'm currently working on a mechanical FEA model of the head and
> :>brain for analysis of impact to the head .
> :>So i am very interested in the mechanical properties of head and
> :>brain tissues .
> :>I am looking for some new / recent test results , actually i would
> :>appreciate any directions which may be of use to me in my analysis
> :>Thanking you in advance
> :>
> :> Department of mechanical engineering , University College Dublin
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