View Full Version : After Inguinal Hernia

12-05-1997, 01:08 AM
I am a physical therapist who underwent inguinal hernia repair 2 weeks ago,
with mesh. Eight years ago, I underwent similar repair on opposite side,
without mesh, by a now-retired surgeon. Two weeks after that repair I was
allowed to start jogging, if I wished. My current surgeon however, has
told me I could start swimming next week, but said NO when I asked him
about using a stationary bike! He thought there would be too much movement
or bouncing in the groin region. I beleive that although buoyancy is a
benefit of the water, stationary cycling would be a safer activity, since
hip motion and pelvic/abdomenal motion are all limited to some extent on a
bike, yet totally unrestricted in the water. Do I do what I beleive is
right, or do I also try to educate the surgeon about the safety and
benefits of stationary cycling in this instance?( if I do I'm considering
writing him a letter, since the "office visit" seemes to put me at a social
and logistical disadvantage.

T. Oliveri, MS,PT