View Full Version : VR-WORLD FAQ list on Biomch-L

Herman J. Woltring
04-05-1992, 10:10 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

As of this morning, the Frequently Asked Questions list of Usenet's
sci.virtual-worlds newsgroup is available on the Biomch-L fileserver.
It can be retrieved via the interactive request (BITNET sites only)

VAX/VMS: send listserv@hearn send vr-world faq Biomch-L
IBM: tell listserv at hearn send vr-world faq Biomch-L

or by sending the one-line request

send vr-world faq Biomch-L

in the main body of an email note (the Subj: line is irrelevant) to either
listserv@hearn.bitnet or to listserv@nic.SURFnet.NL . For information on
other files, just send the one-line command

index Biomch-L

in a similar manner.

Regards -- HJW.