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12-07-1997, 02:00 PM
J have invented the training system to have maximum race power, without use
>of weights with natural running position :" the centrifugal track"
>J have calcolate ( see the attachment) with teoric method the relation
betwen velocity,gravity, maximum race power, frequence step running
on centrifugal track
>J have seen that maximum race power is for G= 1.5 g (g= gravity
>acceleration) and the increasing of race power is 25% more than maximum
>racepower with natural gravity.
>I like to know gravity acceleration with which is possible to have maximum
>human race power. What is the best and the modern system to calcolate
>exactly maximum race power running on centrifugal track? What is the
>frequence step during maximum race power? I like to draw exactly the
>diagram with velocity, gravity, maximum race power, frequence step
>on centrifugal track.
>Can you help me? If you cann't help me , who can help me ? Can you mail me
>the receach center or the address of Ph professor E-mail which can help
>me? Can you know a man that can invited me in a recearch center ,in
>conference, in fairs , in journals, in television ....
>Excuse for my english.
>J am waiting your answer.
>Thank you very much.
>Ing. Giuseppe Scuderi
>Via E. Filiberto 86
>95010 Macchia di Giarre ( ITALY)
>e-mail scuderig@dns.omnia.it