View Full Version : Muscle forces during gait cycle

unknown user
12-08-1997, 07:34 AM
I am currently developing a finite element model of the fifth
metatarsal, to study Jones fractures. I would like to include the forces
of the peroneus brevis, dorsal interosseous, plantar interosseous and
flexor digiti minimi brevis muscles. I have read through articles by
Patriarco, Crowninshield, and Seirig on optimization models for muscle
forces during gait. The results of these papers differ some due to their
assumptions. Also the results section is not detailed enough for me to
utilize this in my research. I am hoping to obtain muscle forces for the
peroneus brevis throughout the gait cycle. From there my intentions are
to scale the force for the remaining muscles using cross sectional area
comparisons. Unless of course someone has data for the remaining muscles
Besides the forces, I am also interested in articles, references
or explanations on how to determine the lines of action of these muscles
at a specific time in the gait cycle.
Thank you,

Eric S. Rohr, B.S.
Biomedical Engineering
Marquette University