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Rajshree Mootanah
12-08-1997, 09:58 PM
Dear readers,

I have recently started a PhD research in Bioengineering - The stability
of total hip replacement. I will have to download CT scan images onto my
PC, get a stack of images and get a 3D representation of the hip joint.
Once I'll be able to do this, I'll use finite element analysis software
to study the points of maximum stress, etc.

Does anyone know which 3D CAD software will be appropriate? Is AutoCAD
R14 going to do the job?
Has anyone heard of Analyse software? Is it similar to Autocad of more
appropriate for medical research?
Does anyone know which finite element analysis software is appropriate
or are they all the same? I would also like to have the opinion of those
who have used FEA softwares for this kind of work.

Many thanks for your valuable help.

R Mootanah
E-mail: rm162@mead.anglia.ac.uk