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Fred Werner
12-09-1997, 02:31 AM

The Department of Bioengineering and Neuroscience, L.C.
Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse
University plans to offer an M.S. in Bioengineering
beginning in Fall 1998. A Special Opportunity Award from the
Whitaker Foundation is supporting this initiative.

The goal is to provide advanced knowledge in specific major
fields in Bioengineering and prepare students for careers in
industry or for further graduate study. We expect program
completion to take 3 semesters or one calendar year.

Students will be required to take a 24 cr.hr. Technical Core
with 12 cr.hr. of Bioengineering Courses, and 9 cr.hr. of
Technical and Life Sciences Electives which may
be from bioengineering, other engineering fields, computer
science, neuroscience or basic medical sciences. 3 cr.hr.in
Biomedical Ethics and the Graduate Seminar are also part of
the Technical Core.

A special opportunity will be offered through the 12 cr.hr.
Tailored Concentration. Students may choose a concentration
in Technology Management (School of Management), Technology
Transfer (College of Law) or Manufacturing Engineering
(College of Engineering). Alternatively further technical or
life sciences electives can be selected.

Overall: A minimum of 18 cr.hr. of engineering courses will
be required. Students needing further background in biology
will be required to take the OCells, Tissues and SystemsO
course in Bioengineering. All students will be required to
complete a Project.

Students graduating with the B.S. in Bioengineering or
Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical or Electrical
Engineering. Students with backgrounds in natural or
computer sciences are encouraged to apply with the knowledge
that their curricula may require additional courses.

For further information, contact

Dr. Karen Hiiemae


Mrs. Kay Nentwick