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Sandra Martelli
12-12-1997, 05:41 AM
Bioengineering Post-Doc Position

The Biomechanics Laboratory, Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli, Bologna,
Italy, is seeking an individual with interest and expertise in joint
modelling, good background in mechanics, biomechanics and numerical
analysis. The ideal candidate has already successfully worked on 3D
mechanical modelling of multi-body systems. Previous experience in
computer graphics is appreciated but not necessary.
The laboratory primary focuses on computer and robot assisted knee
surgery and knee biomechanics. Recent research projects include
modelling of 3D artificial and normal knees for optimization of
preoperative planning of total knee replacement and anterior cruciate
ligament replacement.
The position is a 8 to 12 months full-time contract starting as soon as
possible (beginning of 1998); salary is commensurated with experience
and qualification.

Email replies will be considered but must be duplicated by printed
copies mailed to the address below. Please send 1) complete C.V., 2)
enclose three related abstracts of full-papers, 3) a brief statement of
research interests.

Mailing address:

Sandra Martelli

Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli
Laboratorio di Biomeccanica

via di Barbiano 1/10
I - 40136 Bologna

Voice: +39 - 51 - 63.66.520
Fax: +39 - 51 - 583.789

Email: biomec@bo.nettuno.it
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Sandra Martelli email: biomec@bo.nettuno.it
Lab. Biomeccanica fax: +39 . 51 . 583 789
BOLOGNA ph.: +39 . 51 . 6366520
Italy http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/1717