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unknown user
04-06-1992, 09:11 AM
Please excuse this message if it is not directly applicable to this list,
it is being sent out to several lists that I (naively ?) thought were

We are looking for manufacturers/distributors of both constant
temperature anemometers (CTA) and laser doppler anemometers (LDA). We
already have product literature from Dantec, but were wondering if there
are other sources.

We plan to use the anemometers on two projects:

1. effects of turbulence on nutrient uptake kinetics
of algal biofilms, and;

2. turbulence-roughness effects on algal colonization
of solid surfaces.

Both projects will be done in laboratory flumes, using fresh water.

I am not currently a member of this list, therefore replies
should be sent directly to me at the BITNet address below.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

David Kirschtel

Dept. of Botany
Univ. of Vermont