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Edmund Cramp
12-15-1997, 10:30 AM
Dear list members,

My company, Motion Lab Systems, Inc. made a program available several years
ago called RDATA. This program reads biomechanics data in the AMASS C3D
file format used by the Oxford Metrics Vicon systems and translates it into
ASCII. This program is freely available from our web site.

We're updating the program and I'd like to be able to support a range of
file formats used by motion capture system manufacturers - not just the C3D
format. It would seem useful to the Biomechanics community to be able to
read data from a number of different sources and write the contents out
into a standard ASCII format (CAMARC DST) regardless of the source of the
data. At present the new program translates C3D and VAD files.

I am looking for information that defines the file formats used to store
analog and 3D marker/point locations for Motion Analysis Corporation P3D
files. Does anyone have a format description that they could send to me
with some sample data files that contain both analog and 3D information?
Format descriptions of other manufacturers files would also be useful as
we could include those too...

Data and information can be emailed to me or sent via anonymous ftp to

Edmund Cramp - Motion Lab Systems, Inc.
Email: eac@emgsrus.com