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unknown user
12-16-1997, 11:33 PM
Dear readers
I am currently working on design of finite element model of
vocal fold. The 3D finite element model consists from this three main
parts ( Titze,1994 ) :
- c o v e r, which includes epithel and superficial layer of lamina
- l i g a m e n t, which is composed of intermediate end deep layers
of lamina propria, and
- t h y r o a r y t e n o i d m u s c l e.

I would be very grateful for your information about nonlinear
material properties of the tissues, namely of nonlinear functions of
Young 's modulus and shear modulus in longitudar and transversal
directions, Poisson ratio etc. Finite element model of the vocal
fold will be designed by applying the FEM system ANSYS 5.3.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I send you my best wishes for the Christmas time.

Karel Dedouch.

Address : Associate professor Karel Dedouch, Ph.D.
CTU Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanics
Karlovo nam. 13
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Czech Republic
e-mail : dedouch@fsik.cvut.cz