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K Hebb/ J Pritlove
12-17-1997, 08:41 AM

I am currently finishing the forth year of my undergrad at the University
of Ottawa, and it is getting to be that time to apply to masters programs.
I have a good list of Canadian schools, but unfortunately the school's
resource center is not all that resourceful when it comes to schools
outside the country and a net search has brought limited results.

So for those of you who are currently active at an university with a
biomechanics grad program, and have easy access to this information, I
would appreciate getting the email address of the office, registrar or
faculty, that is responsible for handling requests for application
packages. I have not yet decided if I want to go the sport route or the
occupational route, but I would like something with a two year, thesis
option. I would be particularly interested in schools in Europe or

I can be contacted at khebb@intranet.ca

Thanks in advance.

James Pritlove.

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