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Andrew Poodle
12-23-1997, 11:16 AM
Does anyone have a copy of the following paper? It would be very useful
for a study I'm carrying out at college...


> J Sports Sci 1994 Jun;12(3):261-278
> Analysis of the biomechanical characteristics of different swinging techniques
> in alpine skiing.
> Muller E
> As a consequence of the increase in popularity of skiing as a leisure sport,
> ski teaching has become an important pedagogic and economic issue.
> Unfortunately, most ski teaching curricula lack a thorough evaluation of the
> most important swinging techniques. Therefore, this study analyses the
> biomechanical characteristics of swinging techniques in alpine skiing. The data
> were collected using biodynamic, kinematic and electromyographic methods,
> employing 21 test skiers, all of whom were state-certified Austrian ski
> instructors. For all techniques, the individual turns were divided into a
> steering phase and an initiation phase. In the main, the fundamental
> differences between the single techniques became apparent in the initiation
> phase. There it seemed useful to distinguish between turns with
> 'up-unweighting' and turns with 'down-unweighting'. It was found that turns
> with up-unweighting were initiated either from the downhill ski only or from
> both skis. Turns with down-unweighting were used primarily on mogul pistes and
> in deep powder snow. Finally, some conclusions for training methodology are
> given.
> Publication Types:
> Review
> Review, tutorial
> PMID: 8064973, UI: 94343655
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Many thanks