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Krystyna Gielo - Perczak
04-08-1992, 01:20 AM

Advanced Research Workshop


Brussels, Belgium
May 22-23, 1992




Thursday, May 21

16.30 - 18.30 Opening Ceremony
(Moderator: K.N.An)
Opening address - F.Schuind.
The NATO policy on research funding - L.Sertorio.
The European Community and scientific funding- J.G. Wurm.
The situation of grants in the USA - W.P.Cooney.

Friday, May 22
08.00 - 09.20 Material properties -lectures
(Moderators: K.N.An, W.P. Cooney)

The structure and function of ligaments and tendons - K.N.An.

Mechanical properties of finger flexor tendons, and development
of suturing methods with enhanced strength - A.Amis.

Tendon excursion, rehabilitation and repair - W.P. Cooney.

Subchondral bone density as a key for normal and pathological
wrist stress - J. Koebke.

09.40 - 10.55 Material properties: tendons
Free papers, room A
(Moderator: A.Amis)

The experimental study of tendon repair- M.Takayanagi,
H.Yamamoto, Y.Watanabe, H.Tsuchida, S.Fang.

Biomechanics of pulley reconstruction - K.A. An

Biomechanical examination of postoperative flexor tendon
adhesions in rabbit digits - L.Hagberg.

Passive elastic properties of the human forearm musculature:
a cadaver study - R.Wells, D.Ranney, P.Keir.

Effect of repetitive loading on the wrist in young rabbits -
H.Kawai, T.Murase, T.Masatomi, M.Murai, R.Shibuya, Y. Terada,

09.40 - 10.55 Material properties: ligaments
Free papers, room B
(Moderator: R.A.Berger)

The study of the behaviour of the larger wrist joint ligaments
should include all fibre-bundles - J.G.M.Kooloos, H.H.C.M.

The gross and histologic anatomy and material properties of the
subregions of the scapholunate ligament -R.A.Berger, P.C.Amadio,
T.Imaeda, K.A.An, W.P.Cooney.

Mechanical properties of the triangular fibrocartilage of the
wrist in simple elongation - S.Uchiyama, Y.Nakatsuchi, S.Saitoh,
M. Hosaka, Y.Hata, M.Itoh.

Scaphoid and peri-scaphoid mechanism of injury: mathematical
pattern - P.Ledoux.

Functional analysis of the radiocarpal joint from a determina-
tion of the subchondral mineralisation pattern - M.Muller Gerbl,
N.Lower, K.Wilhelm, R.Kenn, R.Putz.

10.55 - 12.00 Panel discussion
Room A
(Moderators: K.A.An, W.P.Cooney, A.Amis, R.A.Berger)

14.00 - 15.20 Force analysis - lectures
(Moderators: R.Huiskes, F.Shuind)

Contact pressures within wrist joints-S.F.Viegas, R.M.Patterson.

Finger mathematical modelling and rehabilitation -F.Casolo.

Major and potential role of fibrocartilage meniscal-like
structures in phalangeal joints. Intrinsic muscle insertions
to the volar plate - T.Bryant, T.D.V.Cooke.

Biomechanics of fracture fixation -F.Burny, M.Donkerwolcke.

15.40 - 17.10 Force analysis: hand
Free papers, room A
(Moderator: M.P.Rosenwasser)

Quantitative functional anatomy of hand muscles - J.M.Mansour,

Force analysis of the thumb -D.J.Giurintano, A.M.Hollister.

Stress analysis of proximal interphalangeal joints using the
three-dimensional finite element method- H.Hashizume, T.Akagi,
H.Watanabe, H.Inoue, T.Ogura.

Anatomic forms of male and female carpometacarpal joints -
G.A.Ateshian, M.P.Rosenwasser, V.C.Mow.

Biomechanics of the trapezio-matacarpal joint- G.Brunelli.
Deep ligaments of the interphalangeal joint of the thumb-
H.M.Shmidt, U.Frank.

15.40 - 17.10 Force analysis: wrist
Free papers, room B
(Moderator: R.Wells)

On a model of the upper extremity- B.Peterson.

A model of the human wrist dynamics - E. Birjukova.

Force and pressure transmission through the normal wrist:
an analytical study - F.Shuind, K.N. An, R.L.Linscheid,
W.P.Cooney, E.Y.S. Chao.

Kinematics and force transmission of the proximal carpal row-
H.P.Kern, H.A.C.Jacob, G.Sennwald.

Biomechanical analysis of the wrist joint in ergonomical aspects
- K. Gielo-Perczak.

Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging of the wrist C.Jantea,
J.Assheuer, J.Koebke.

17.10 - 18.00 Pannel discussion
Room A
(Moderators : R.Huiskes, F.Schuind, M.P.Rosenwasser, R.Wells)

Saturday, May 23

08.00 - 09.20 Motion analysis -lectures
(Moderators : F.Werner, A.K. Palmer)

Role of the wrist ligaments with respect to carpal kinematics
and carpal mechanism - J.M.G. Kauer, H.H.C.M. Savelberg,
R. Huiskes, J.G.M. Kooloos.

The study of the biomechanics of wrist movements in an oblique
plane - P. Saffar.

Normal and abnormal carpal kinematics - M. Garcia-Elias,
D.K. Smith, L.K. Ruby, E. Horri, K.A. An, R.L. Linscheid,
E.Y.S. Chao, W.P. Cooney.

Three-dimensional in-vivo kinematic analysis of finger movement
- S. Fioretti.

09.40 - 10.55 Motion analysis: hand
Free papers, room A
(Moderator : L. Hagberg)

Stability and constraint of the proximal interphalangeal joint -
Y. Minamikawa, E. Horii, K.A. An, P.C. Amadio, W.P. Cooney,
R.L. Linscheid.

Anatomy of the palmar plates: comparative morphology and motion
characteristics - S. Gagnon, M.J. Botte, E. Zinberg, S.N. Copp.

Biomechanics of the bidigital finger system with anatomical
restrictions: the significance for the exercising hand of the
Demonstration by a physical model - J.N.A.L. Leijnse, J.E.Bonte,
J.M.F. Landsmeer, J.C. Van der Meulen, C.J. Snijders.

A kinematic study of the hand using magnetic resonance imaging-
R.D. Dickenson, C.H.Lorenz, S.W. Peterson, A.M. Strauss,
J.A. Main.

Three-dimensional four variables plot for the study of the meta-
carpo-phalangeal joint kinematics -A.Merolli, P. Tranquilli
Leali, S. Fioretti, T. Leo.

09.40 - 10.55 Motion analysis: wrist
Free papers, room B
(Moderator : J.Ryu)

Biomechanics of carpal motions - R. Huiskes, H. Savelberg,
J. Kauer.

Functional anatomy of the carpus in flexion and extension and
in radial and ulnar deviations - V. Feipel, M. Rooze, S.Louryan,
M. Lemort.

Kinematic modelling of the human wrist - N. Nicodemus,
S.F. Viegas, K. Elder.

Wrist joint motion simulator: concept, development and normal
wrist tendon forces - F.Werner, A.K. Palmer and J.H. Somerset.

Changes in the triangular fibrocartilage complex articular disk
during forearm rotation : a study of configuration and surface
strains - B.D. Adams.

10.55 - 12.00 Panel discussion
Room A
(Moderators: F. Werner, A.K. Palmer, L. Hagberg, J. Ryu)

14.00 - 15.20 Clinical applications - lectures
(Moderators: V.C. Mow, S.F. Viegas)

Kinematic dysfunction of the distal radioulnar joint after
distal radial fracture - R.L. Linscheid.

Wrist joint simulator: evaluation of total wrist implants -
A.K. Palmer, F.W. Werner, M. Fortino.

Biomechanical analysis of modified silastic trapezial arthropla-
sty - J. Ryu.

Two stage flexor tendon reconstruction using silicon rods -
P.N. Soucacos, A. Beris, A. Touliatos, P.K. Soucacos,
G. Mitsionis.

15.40 - 17.25 Clinical applications: hand
free papers, room A
(Moderator: M. Garcia-Elias)

Standardized radiographic measurements of the metacarpo-phalan-
geal joint - T.Bryant, T.D.V. Cooke.

Cementless total replacement of the trapezio metacarpal joint:
principle of anchorage - P.Ledoux.

The envelope of active wrist circumduction: an in vivo electro-
goniometric study - P. Salvia, P. Klein, J.H. David, M. Rooze.

In vivo measurement of tendon forces- F. Schuind, W.P. Cooney,
K.N. An.

X-ray stereophotogrammetric examinations of flexor tendon excu-
rsion adhesions in the flexor tendon sheath area - L. Hagberg.

Changes in the geometry of the carpal tunnel contents due to
wrist posture and tendon load: an MRI study on normal wrists -
R. Wells, P. Kleir.

EVAMAIN : computerized system for the assessment of the hand -
J.L. Thonnard, L. Plaghki, D. Bragard.

15.40 - 17.25 Clinical applications: wrist
(Moderator: R.L. Linscheid)

The dislocation and instability of the distal radio-ulnar joint
- A. Kapandji.

Colles' fracture: instability evaluation and therapeutic
approaches - T. Authom, M. Lafontaine, D. Hardy, P. Delince.

Geometric analysis of opening-closing wedge corrective osteotomy
of distal radius after malunited fracture - R. Bilic, V.Nikolic,
V. Zdravkovic.

Load-displacement characteristics of the scaphoid ligament
complex in vivo - J.J. Crisco, S.W. Wolfe, R. Brown.

Kinematics of the scapho-trapezoid joint of the wrist -C.Jantea,
K.N. An, R. Linscheid.

The use of cine-computed tomography to investigate carpal kine-
matics - S.Wolfe, L. Katz, J.J. Crisco.

Surgical treatment with external fixator for posttraumatic
carpal instability - K. Shimada, M. Nishino, T. Kadowaki,
T. Yamamoto.

17.25 - 18.00 Conclusions
Room A
(Moderators: V.C. Mow, S.F. Viegas, M. Garcia-Elias,
R.L. Linscheid)

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