View Full Version : a kind of Chinese Kung Fu gait

02-01-1998, 11:34 PM
Dear Biomch-lers
I am hoping for some advice and help,although I know that most of you are
not familiar with Chinese Kung Fu .It is a kind of chinese fistfight or
martial art. The attached file was written in Microsoft Word software.The
file contains 3 pictures of Chinese Kung Fu.I have been practicing chinese
Kung Fu (Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang )for 8 years,since I graduated from
Tianjin Institute of Technology with electronics Bechlor's degree in 1990.
The foundation of this kind of Chinese kung fu is a kind of gait with a
long period of training.I want to research this kind of Chinese sport in
science. I am facing many difficulty.
Thank you.
Wang Chengzhi