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02-02-1998, 04:59 AM
Dear participants,

I am hoping for some help/advice re: kinematic motion analysis systems. As
a sensory biologist, I am somewhat far away from what many of you do, but
the folks at Peak performance suggested I send this query. I need to
purchase a video-motion analysis system for tracking animals during
orientation/navigation. As such, I am less interested in analysis that may
supply things like joint angles, as I am in systens that will calculate
parameters related to the path itself. Appropriate quantities might be
angular bearings, turn angles, rates of directional change, net-to-gross
displacement ratios, FFT's etc, as well as standard velocities and
accelerations. Peak Motus, while excellent in the capture capabilities
(that is, the raw video is preserved for automatic or manual tracking) does
not do this, while Motion Analysis Corps Cell Tracking system does. Of
course, the tradeoff there is that the raw video data is lost when the
object gets digitized to grey scale tholds. All you get are the outlines of
the object's centroid. This is a real bear if you have multiple objects or
poor video; you can't actually see what is being tracked. (Is that noise?
Dust? My critter?) I am wondering if: 1) there is an alternative system
that combines the tracking of Peak Motus (specifically preserving the video
infor. for manual &/or automatic tracking) with the analysis capabilities
of Cell Track; or 2) Whether there is a free-standing analysis package that
can EASILY perform these sorts of calculations that can interface with Peak
Motus? Obviously one can write Xcell macros for some of these things, but
angular rotations in Xcell are nasty (or perhaps, I am just not an elegant
programmer). I'd like to go with that system, but if I can't crunch the
numbers the great image handling is of no utility.

Any insights/advice gratefully appreciated. If I get enough info-I'll post
it to the server.

Thanks in advance
Marc Weissburg
School of Biology
Georgia Institute of Technology
310 Ferst Ave.
Atlanta, Ga, 30332-0230
404-894-0519 (fax)