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02-02-1998, 09:05 AM
Dear Listservers:

Wow! I had not expected such prompt and responses. Thanks a bunch. Let me
elaborate just slightly in my needs in order to head off some interesting,
but not workable (for me) suggestions. I work on marine animals of a
variety of sizes, generally in flow tanks, flumes or natural habitats. GPS
or magnetic systems are probably out (its hard to put one on a 2 mm long
animal!). Probably not enough resolution either, especially on the small
scale. I am limited to video since the resolution depends only on the size
of the video field, and I can get down to a single pixel if necessary.
Both Motion Analysis Corp. and Peak Motus only do 1/2 of what I want. Peak
has no good analysis of this type of kinematic data (see my earlier
message), while Motion Analysis does so much processing of th raw video
that I can no longer distinguish objects of interest from dust, noise etc
once it has calculated centroids necessary for path reconstruction.

Thus the questions: Are there good stand alone analysis packages for path
kinematics (see earlier), or is there a dream system out there that
represents the best of both worlds?

Again, all replies gratefully accepted.


Marc Weissburg
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