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Rositsa Rajkova
02-02-1998, 05:52 PM
Acad.G.Bonchev str., Bl.105
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel. (+3592) 70 05 27
fax: (+3592) 72 37 87
E-mail: rosir@bgcict.acad.bg

Dear colleagues,
My basic scientific interest is directed toward the solving of
indeterminate problems in biomechanics. In particular I work on modelling
the human upper limb and the optimization task solutions using Lagrange
multipliers method. For more details you can see in my papers in
J.Biomechanics - vol 29, 1996, pp.763-772 and vol.25, 1992, pp.857-867.
Unfortunately because of bad financial situation in Bulgaria I have no
possibilities to perform experiments that are needed for verification of my
theoretical results. I need of experimental data including simultaneously
registration of the joint angles and EMG signals from main flexors and
extensors in the shoulder, elbow and wrist joint. The motions of the upper
limb must be in the saggital plane. Has somebody such experimental data?
The data type is not of importance. If anybody is interested in such type
of investigations please write me. I can send own programs (for one and
three degrees of freedom models) that predict muscle forces and joint
reaction using different objective functions.
The second my request is connected with the lectures that I deliver in the
Technical University of Sofia. Since there is no a center for prosthetics
in Bulgaria, can somebody send me information about new-developments in
above-knee prosthetic devices (mainly constructions and technical
achievements) with some type of active control. I would like to show my
students some photos and give information about prosthetic centers in Europe.
Thank you in advance
Sincerely yours

P.S. I posted this message last week. In connection with the last message
of Prof. Bogert informing that Biomech-L had not been working properly, I
am sending it again.