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Herman J. Woltring
04-30-1989, 09:11 PM
Today's topics:

(1) Posting onto BIOMCH-L
(2) Formia 1989 Abstracts and Proceedings
(3) Competition, openness, and privacy in email


(1) Posting onto BIOMCH-L

The number of subscribers on BIOMCH-L is steadily increasing (currently almost
80), and a few newcomers have asked how to send postings to the list. This is
quite simple: just send a message to BIOMCH-L@HEARN.EARN as if it were an
ordinary, individual's email adress, and the list will automatically take care
of redistribution to all parties. The LISTSERV@HEARN.EARN address is merely
for administrative purposes, not for posting messages.


(2) Formia Abstracts and Proceedings

The Abstracts for the recent Symposium on Biolocomotion, held from 14 through
17 April 1989 in Formia, Italy, were published in the Spring Issue (nr. 34) of
the Newsletter of the International Society of Biomechanics. Jan Cabri, who is
assistant editor to the Newsletter told me that a number of copies are avail-
able for interested parties. His email address is , and
his postal address is Experimental Anatomy, Free University Brussels, Laarbeek-
laan 103, B-1090 BRUSSELS, Belgium. The Proceedings are expected to appear by
the end of this year. Most fascinating, animated renderings of Marey's and
Muybridge's photographies of biolocomotion from the previous century will be
provided, too. For further details, contact Prof. Aurelio Cappozzo, Istituto
di Fisiologia Umana, Universit`a degli Studi "La Sapienza", I-00185 ROMA,


(3) Competition, openness, and privacy in email

Rick Hinrich's posting this weekend brings back last year's discussion as to
whether email addresses should be confidential or not. As mentioned at earlier
occasions, I have preferred to keep addresses confidential so as maintain the
possibility of controlling undesirable postings. Once email addresses are
available to anyone, `junk mail' could be sent to known addresses which, once
this does not occur via BIOMCH-L, I would be unable to prevent. As apparent
from discussions on, e.g., the RISKS DIGEST, junk mail is becoming an issue
of some importance in North America, and it would be awkward for BIOMCH-L users
to come back from a holiday and find that they have run out of disk quota.
Fortunately, BIOMCH-L has, until this time, been spared such problems.

Considering Rick's posting, I propose to authorize the REVIEW BIOMCH-L command
as a private command (i.e., for list subscribers only) as of June 1 unless
there are serious objections against this. During the month of May, individual
subscribers may elect to preserve their privacy by sending the request SET
BIOMCH-L CONCEAL to LISTSERV@HEARN. One should note that this `members only'
facility does not guarantee that addresses are kept confidential within the
BIOMCH-L membership!


Have a nice Labour Day (May 1). I shall be gone until May 8, 1989.

Herman J. Woltring


End of Biomch-l 1989/9