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Trey Crisco
02-03-1998, 08:22 AM

The original question: Does anyone know of any DICOM software packages
for the Macintosh or Silicon Graphics?

Great replies - as always. Our particular need was DICOM transfer.
Other related info. is included below.

Thanks, Trey


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we found a very valuable source of information at the following


We also compiled and are successfully running both dicom3tools

Mallinckrodt DICOM packages on Indy and Indigo2 SGI workstations. From

our experience with GE CT equipment we suggest you use the latest

release of dicom3tools (http://idt.net/~dclunie/dicom3tools.html)

because it is compatible with equipment maker proprietary DICOM

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate

contact us.


Margherita Pierantoni

Francesco La Palombara

Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli Tel: +39.(0)51.636

Lab. di Biomeccanica Fax:

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I donīt know what you
are looking for exactely.

NIH Image which is available on the net has the possibility to import

Dicom Images. We made this with Images exported from an Elscint CT.

Sometimes you have to adjust the export options of your CT to get a

proper DICOM format.

Good luck Achim


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I received your mail concerning the DICOM software package
for Mac or SGI.

We have a complete software package for medical imaging. This includes

drivers for reading optical disks (including the DICOM format). The
images are

converted into an internal format and can be processed with Mimics, our

front end software. 3D Models can be generated there based on a
threshold value.

MedCAD can fit geometrical entities on the medical data (e.g. points,
lines, sphere,

cylinder and freeform surfaces). These can be exported through the IGES

You can also import STL objects and visualize them together with the
medical data.

Our software is available on SGI and on PC-DOS (not on Mac)

If you want more information about our software, you can always contact
me at Materialise.

You can also visit our website at :




I have a Photoshop plug-in (with source code) which I
downloaded from somewhere a while ago for the Mac which reads in DICOM
files. I could send it to you if you are interested.

Additionally, I have a simple Mac program I wrote a while back to read
in and display such files. I used it as a preprocessor to output the
files into a different format. Unfortunately, it appears to only work
on older (non-PowerPC) Macs, but you are welcome to have it & the
source code if it would help.

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1. Ghosh S; Andriole KP; Avrin DE; Arenson RL.

Optimization of a low-cost truly preemptive multitasking PC


Journal of Digital Imaging, 1997 Aug, 10(3 Suppl 1):171-4.

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