View Full Version : linear to angular acceleration transformations

02-04-1998, 05:01 AM

I am looking for a few references on transformation of 2-D and 3-D linear
accelerometer measurements into rotational acceleration data. I'm sure
there is a wealth of information out there somewhere. We are planning a
series of experiments on low level impact loading and resulting head
acceleration. We will collect data from linear accelerometers, and we want
to calculate the rotational acceleration of the head. We need to have some
method of transforming the measurements. We also will need some guidelines
on the number of accelerometers and the best placement of them.

In a related issue, we are considering making this a master's thesis
project. So, is there anything about this that has yet to be researched?
Are there any remaining questions that would be worthy of the master's
level? I realize that this is a rather open ended question, but our intent
is to limit it to the mathematical transformations and not the biomechanics
of head acceleration. The topic could also include the best way to process
and present the data as well as the most meaningful format.

Jim Ziegler