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02-04-1998, 10:38 PM
Dear friends
Is there anyone who wants to come here,Tianjin China, studying Tai Chi and
Ba Gua. I am very glad to introduce you to my teachers. They are benign
elder gentlemen. Although Their own annuity can only meet their usual cost,
they never let me pay for their teaching.If you can get their agreement, we
will become Kung Fu brothers.
If you are a foreigner,you will cope with many difficulties. You must pay
for your own living fee for several years. I can help you find a department
The most difficulty is that you must cope with different culture and
language. Sometimes I can act as translator, because I have to study in
Tianjin University. As a full time student of Kung Fu ,you will really get
something in 3 or 4 years, if you have a"Kung Fu brain" and you are a
consistent person.They will not give you any diploma. This is not Kung Fu
After 3 or 4 years of studying you will never regret,I bet. You will know
What I have said. My teachers have not any science training of university,
but you and I have. When you return, you will really have something to be
researched in your lab. I do not want their marvelous Kung Fu buried on
this corner of the world.
Wang Chengzhi