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Rafael F. Escamilla
02-08-1998, 11:43 AM
Dear colleagues:

I teach the only undergraduate kinesiology course here at Cal Poly, which
is a 4 credit course (3 hr lecture, 1 hr lab) entitled "Mechanical
Kinesiology". All of our students in our major must take this course,
and the four concentrations we offer in our major are pre-physical
therapy, teaching, health eduacation, and commercial & corporate
fitness. Although I inherited this course when I started teaching here
last year, I have recented suggested changing the title and content
to reflect more a balance between anatomic and mechanical kinesiology
(e.g., half anatomic and half mechanical). Since my background is in
biomechanics and physical therapy, I feel confident the proposed change is
best for the pre-physical therapy students. However, I am not as confident
as to what is best for the other concentrations, although it seems logical
that the remaining three concentrations would also benefit from anatomic
principles. I would like to draw from those of you that are more
experienced in this area. Specifically, given the one course we offer,
what is the best way to structure this course in terms of how much should
be anatomic, how much should be mechanical, and what principles do you
feel are most important for our students in the teaching, health
education, and commercial corporate fitness concentrations. Thank you in

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Rafael Escamilla, Ph.D.
Physical Education & Kinesiology Dept.
Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407