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Scott M Lephart
02-09-1998, 06:25 AM
Greetings, I am a first year doctoral student at the U. of Pittsburgh. Our
lab is collecting EMG data on normal subjects and the question that we are
faced with is what is the best way to normalize EMG with regards to the

1) For gait analysis/cyclic motions, is it more appropriate to normalize
amplitude to a max. voluntary contraction or mean amplitude of the linear
2) Is the value of the mean amplitude during a control condition (walking)
also used to normalize the amplitude for experimental conditions (e.g.
walking with a brace)?
3) If the control and experimental conditions are normalized to their own
mean amplitudes, can a comparison be made w/regards to the ensemble mean
amplitudes, area, and peaks?
We have reviewed MUSCLES ALIVE and pertinent literature in JAB. Any other
comments, suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Cerullo
Doctoral Student
University of Pittsburgh

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