View Full Version : CT-Scan: DICOM to GIF conversion ?

02-10-1998, 08:39 PM
Dear Biomch-s Readers,

I am about to make some high quality CT-Scan datasets of human bones freely
through the ISB website.

Unfortunatly, I have some problems.

The images are in DICOM format (about 500k/image) and each dataset is
VERY voluminous (e.g., about 180 MB for the humeral bone only!!). This size
should be reduced by 10 if I could convert the files to GIF.

I already have the demo version of LEADTOOLS for Win32, Express Edition,
version 8.0 which can read DICOM. But this demo has several drawbacks:

1-DICOM to GIF conversion are not available in the demo.
2-Only one file at a time can be converted (no batch).

So, I am wondering if somebody owns or knows a program that would have
the following characteristics:

1- Convert DICOM format to GIF.
2- Perform the conversion for a sery of files (kind of batch process).
3- Free of charge!!
4- EASY to implement (I am doing this for our research community not for
me personnaly and unfortunatly I have very few time!).

Thanks in advance for your help!!


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