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Young-hoo Kwon, Ph.d.
02-12-1998, 01:37 AM
Dear colleagues:

About a week ago, I posted a message regarding internet resources for
undergraduate biomechanics/kinesiology course. Here is the original message:

>Dear colleagues:
>I am currently developing a web page for my undergraduate biomechanics
>course (PEP 294 of Ball State University). I hope to have a resources page
>which contains lots of useful information for the undergraduate students.
>The page currently consists of categories such as:
>1. Biomechanics Societies
>2. Laboratories & Graduate Programs in Biomechanics
>3. Undergraduate Biomechanics Course Websites
>4. Webzines
>5. Internet Discussion Forum
>I have included some items in each category so far, but I'd like to obtain
>some more on these categories. I would appreciate it if you could help me
>this matter. Any item is welcome.
>You may take a look at the ones I have right now. The URL is:

I'd like to thank to the following individuals for providing valuable

Brett McGuinness (brett@mccaig.ucalgary.ca), University of Calgary
Rafael E. Bahamonde (rbahamon@iupui.edu), Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ.
Andrew Karduna (karduna@auhs.edu), Allegheny University of the Health
Doug Chang (dchang@sdcc3.ucsd.edu), UCSD
Peter Sinclair (p.sinclair@cchs.usyd.edu.au), The University of Sydney
Michael Conuel (mbc@cbme.uky.edu), University of Kentucky
Neil Messenger (N.Messenger@Leeds.ac.uk), University of Leeds

I have updated the homepage of my PEP294 Kinesiology course accordingly. I
also added few more items to the homepage. Those of you who are interested
may find them at


Thanks a lot!


Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Biomechanics Lab, PL 202
Ball State University
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