View Full Version : Why do parts of body go backward when we go forward

Wang Chengzhi
02-12-1998, 03:54 PM
Dear biomch-lers
Could you forgive me for some mistakes I have made.I did not purposely
embarrass anybody here.
We are surprised that our habitual gait has some difference from habitual
gait of normal people while walking.Our arms are hung freely on our
shoulder without any uncomfort when we speed up. Their movement nearly have
no relation with legs. This is not ugly. That is the result of long period
of Tai Chi and Ba Gua's training. This is not sarcasm:
Is human keep the habit of forelimb on ground,even if human began to walk
with their two legs long time ago? Are there enough joints and muscles and
brain sources that we keep balance of walking without moving parts of our
body backward? Does this gait lavish energy? Are there enough work that we
have to do with our arms besides banlance?
Does a child move arms backward when they begin to
learn walking? His every bone can move. When he grow,some of them become
still. When he have joint ill,some of them become poor. When he died,his
every bone can not move. If we walk with this gait, are forces of joint
different from normal gait? This is the foundation of Tai Chi and Ba Gua.
We must keep nearly every bone moving except head bone,because we must move
every part of our body around a series of smooth arcs in ideal status
while practing.Is there value of health? My major is electronics and
computer. My knowledge in biomech is limited. I have to ask specialist and
scientist in biomech. Could you give me some suggestion? what can I do to
analyze it?
Thank you in advance.
Wang Chengzhi
Feb. 13, 1998